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Congrats to our Community Member: Iori Branford on the release of Demonizer

Congrats to our community member Iori Branford for releasing Demonizer! Demonizer was released on Steam October 30th, 2020. Demonizer is a vertical shooter in the early to mid 90s arcade style of Raiden Fighters, Strikers 1945, and Battle Garegga. Shoot down, absorb and transform human invaders as you fly through a pixel art fantasy land…
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George Rothrock at Jam City

Bring Out Your Devs! Developer Spotlight: George Rothrock

Bring Out Your Devs is an IGDA San Diego blog series, where we highlight some amazing developers in our community. This time we interviewed George Rothrock, a producer at Jam City and long time IGDA member. He’s been in the game industry for over 24 years, working as a game designer, artist, producer, and professor.…
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Bring Out Your Devs! Developer Spotlight: Patrick Traynor

Bring Out Your Devs! Developer Spotlight: Patrick Traynor   We have awesome developers in our community, so we are starting a new blog series called Bring Out Your Devs! Out first developer is Patrick Traynor. He is currently making Patrick’s Parabox, an amazing mind-bending puzzler. It won Developer’s Choice at IndieCade 2019! Here’s our interview…
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